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5 ways to shop more sustainably and on a budget

Cheap and easy ways to make a difference...

We're all feeling the pinch at the moment with the price of life necessities rising and food prices continuing to soar. It's difficult when you want to be eco-conscious and do your part to address climate change. However, it is possible to save cash and protect the planet at the same time. Here are our 5 tips on being kind to our planet and gentle on our pocket...
  • Upcycle and buy secondhand furniture. 
Instead of buying new items for the home, why not repurpose old ones through up cycling? We often pick up unwanted pieces of furniture left unwanted outside peoples home and have found some mid century treasures. Markets like Sunbury Antiques Market have amazing secondhand furniture at half the price you would pay in shops.
  • Eat less meat
Methane emission from farming and livestock are the second biggest driver of global warming. We need to embrace a diet of more plants and less meat to stop the climate crisis. We've cut out meat Monday - Friday and have been getting the Riverfood veg boxes which come with delicious recipes for plant based dishes which the whole family will love. 
  • Use up existing products
It sounds so simple, but to get the most out of a product it's a great idea to make sure it's completely finished before getting a new one. It's better for the environment and saves you money in the long run. 
  • Pass on, Borrow and Repeat outfits
With a previous career in fashion, the habit of shopping for clothes is a hard one to break. Having an arrangement with friends where you borrow each others clothes is a great way to wear new outfits without the need to buy more. Passing on outgrown kids clothes to friends with younger children is a brilliant way to save money and stop clothes ending up in landfill. The Little Loop is a children's rental business choosing the very best clothes from ethical and sustainable brands. 
  • Buy products in bulk
Buying in bulk means cost savings, but it's eco-friendly as well. Packaging is kept to a minimum, and the need to use your car to travel to the shops is reduced as you will be well stocked at home. We offer refills for all of our products and for additional convenience and cost saving you can subscribe to regular deliveries.

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