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Our Story

Founded by Caroline and Anita

Our vision is to create natural, plant-based cleaning products, free from harmful chemicals that damage the environment inside and outside our homes.

Our story

We had so many reasons for bringing MadeKind to life. We’ve been friends for over 10 years, and started out as fashion buyers and merchandisers for high street brands. Working in this industry opened our eyes to the impact fast fashion has on the environment. It’s definitely changed the way we think about what we buy, particularly since having children.

We’ve always talked a lot about the effects of harsh chemicals on our children’s health, which we believe were the cause of regular headaches and outbreaks of eczema. We’ve also felt increasingly uncomfortable with the amount of plastic packaging that we use and supposedly recycle, but a lot of which still ends up in the ocean. 

All of this fed into our idea for safe but effective natural cleaners in non-plastic bottles – and bottles that look beautiful on a kitchen counter too!

With a clear idea of what MadeKind would look like, and what products we wanted to create, we knew we’d need help bringing our vision to life. So we connected with a UK-based laboratory that specialises in creating eco products, and began our journey with them.

We use glass and aluminium bottles instead of plastic. And you’ll only find natural, plant-based ingredients in our products, which are designed to appeal to anyone who cares about the health of their families, pets, themselves and the planet. 

Our proudest moment so far has been seeing the products brought to life in our wonderful amber bottles, and using them in our own kitchens. The smell of the products is so uplifting, with the essential oil blends of lavender, rosemary and peppermint. Our MadeKind vision has turned out just as we hoped, and we’re really happy to share it with you.

Our belief 

It’s clear we all need to embrace eco-friendly alternatives wherever we can, and a great place to start is at home. It’s where you spend so much of your time, and even small changes in your every-day life can make a big difference.

All natural ingredients

The idea that you need toxic chemicals to kill bacteria and cut through grease and grime simply isn’t true. There are plenty of natural ingredients that have powerful antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Not only can the chemicals in regular household cleaners poison the air inside your home, they’re washed into our water systems, which over time affect wildlife and other natural resources. So we’ve developed biodegradable formulas that are safe around kids and pets, and use natural essential oils instead of harsh, synthetic fragrances.

Refill, re-use, recycle

Our beautiful amber glass and aluminium bottles are designed to be re-filled using our 1L pouches or 3L boxes, and all kitchen accessories, including wooden brushes and washable kitchen textiles, are ethically produced. 

Always trying to improve

We are constantly looking at ways that we can improve; our products, our customers' experience, our packaging etc. We are working with packaging suppliers to try to offer a better solution which is fully recyclable and fit for purpose.