How Refills Work & Subscriptions

How Refills Work

We love recycling but refilling is better!

Refilling is both planet friendly and purse friendly; MadeKind products are contained in either amber glass or aluminium bottles, which can we refilled over and over again. Our labels are incredibly durable and designed to be used on canoes - so if they can withstand canoe adventures, we are confident they will last you a long time!

     MadeKind 1 Litre Natural Cleaning Product Refills and amber glass bottles   MadeKind hand wash refill & empty bottle   MadeKind 1 litre refill pouring into an empty hand wash bottle       

You can simply buy a MadeKind cleaning or hand & body product, and then purchase a refill to fill the 'forever bottle' once it is empty, or you can buy an empty MadeKind bottle and a refill, or just use a bottle that you have at home - just remember to label it!           

We offer refills in handy 1 litre pouches, 3 litre boxes with a tap, and 5 litre containers with a pump for businesses and wholesale customers.

For additional convenience and saving, SUBSCRIBE for regular deliveries.

Help us to reduce waste by keeping 4 empty refill pouches or the bag inside the box, and send them back to us using a Freepost label.

Email us to request your label: