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Amanda Lamb interviews Caroline and Anita on MadeKinds second Birthday.

It's been two years since we launched MadeKind in 2020, in the middle of lockdown! Our good friend, Amanda Lamb has interviewed us recently and asked us about our journey so far;

Amanda: Happy Birthday and congratulations on 2 years!! Where did the idea come from for MadeKind?

Caroline: Across the kitchen table. We knew we wanted to start a business together but wanted it to be meaningful and give back to the environment as we had both worked in the fast fashion industry for years. 

Amanda: What's been your biggest challenge?

Caroline: Launching a new business during Covid, and in the middle of a house renovation with a new puppy. We certainly don't like to make things easy for ourselves!

Anita: I agree but also we recently exhibited at the Independent Hotel Show and didn't have a huge budget for our stand so we were literally in Ikea the day before trying to cobble together something that would make us look credible and on brand.

Amanda: Do you always see eye to eye when it comes to decisions?

Caroline:  Not always, I have lots of ideas that need reigning in, and Anita is very good at challenging me on some of them. Of course, if I really believe in something I'll fight for it and we often end up agreeing either way.

Amanda: What's been your most memorable moment to date?

Caroline: The worst memory is the delivery of our first batch of cleaning products and the containers not fitting in the unit. We needed to find new premises immediately with an articulated lorry waiting outside. 

Anita: Definitely making a video for Microsoft; they brought a whole team including make up artist, videographer, photographer, director... and I got the giggles and could not compose myself which was very embarrassing.

Amanda:  Anything you would change/do differently looking back over the past 24 months?

Caroline:  We've just started working with hotels and B&B's and I wish we had seen that opportunity earlier, but we didn't have the full range of body wash, shampoo and conditioner that we have now so it's all part of the journey.

Anita: I think we could be more discerning about some of the events we do as we always get excited about doing them and meeting new customers, but that can detract from our focus.

6. What's your favourite product in the range?

Caroline: I'm never without our Multi Surface Cleaner and use it on everything, hobs, fridges, glass, mirrors. I also love our 'Wintering' candle which fills the home with a lovely warm and comforting fragrance. 

Anita: That is a difficult question! I would say our Bathroom Cleaner is amazing on limescale despite being totally natural and harming the environment. I would also include our hand wash which smells incredible and feels luxurious.

7. Who's the most organised out of both of you? 

Caroline: This is easy - Anita, by far!!

Anita: Ha ha! I agree!

8. Who's the bossiest?

Caroline: We're both bossy, just not with each other thankfully!

Anita: I agree with Caroline on this too.

9. What's been your best 'pinch me moment'?

Caroline: Seeing MadeKind products in our first hotel. I couldn't believe that our idea that had started at the kitchen table had resulted in our natural products being used in hotels. 

Anita: Meeting someone who didn't know that I co-founded MadeKind telling me that they had been given a MadeKind gift box and that they loved it. I still love seeing new reviews where people are delighted by our products. 


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