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Are cleaning products harming your health?

MadeKind was developed because our children were suffering health issues due to the chemicals we were using to clean our home. We didn't want them to have to hold their breath every time we sprayed toxic chemicals around the home anymore. We wanted to create safe, natural, toxic-free cleaning products that not only make our home smell (naturally) amazing but would also actually work.

We did a lot of research and started working with specialist chemists and labs who worked with us to create our unique formulas derived from nature. The most important thing was that the cleaners worked effectively and brilliantly but could also be used around children safely. 


Knowing that our cleaning products and skin care products are not only 100% safe, but actually good for you to use, we were excited to launch MadeKind. It gives us so much happiness to hear how our customers love our products and how they are benefitting their lives. 

Emma wrote to us last week to tell us of her experience and how MadeKind products have improved her health as well as cleaning her house brilliantly. It's why we started our business and to hear such uplifting news makes all the hard work worth while. Here's Emma's story;

"I absolutely love Madekind products and heartily recommend them.
I suffer from a condition called Pompholyx, also known as Dishidrotic Eczema, which comes up on my hands. Various things makes me flare up and it’s incredibly sore. Added to that asthma and it means that cleaning can be really problematic. Harsh chemicals make me wheeze and cleaning products make my hands breakout. I can’t wear gloves either because that makes things worse too. Obviously, I can’t avoid cleaning my house so have just grinned and bore it. Until I started using Madekind products.
The multi purpose and floor cleaners are brilliant, they get the job done, they smell amazing and I am finally able to clean without breaking out or wheezing. The liquid hand soap is gorgeous, again they have softened my hands and not caused a reaction.
Today, as I am isolating, I decided to clean my house from top to bottom, so now my house is spotless, smells fresh and clean (and not like a swimming pool, which is what it used to do when I used to clean it with regular products) and I am not suffering with my hands, skin or breathing.
I love that they are sustainable too, I have ordered refill bags for all my bottles, less waste and less plastic is great too.
I can’t wait to see what other products Madekind will release……very happy customer here."

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