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Can chemicals in your cleaning products lead to hormonal imbalances?

We worry so much about what we eat, the air we breathe and the water we drink, but despite this the cases of cancer and hormonal related disease are increasing dramatically. But do we need to be this scared? 

Our bodies are run by a network of hormones and glands that regulate everything  (do you remember Biology classes at school?) which we call the endocrine system. We often think about hormones in the context of puberty, but the endocrine system plays a star role in all phases of our lives, development and behaviour. 

The worrying news is that synthetic chemicals in products like plastics and fragrances can mimic hormones and interfere with this delicate system. Your endocrine system is easily upset by the presence of toxins which are often found in personal care and cleaning products.  We're particularly vulnerable to this during childhood and puberty, but also during menopause where the effects have been linked to mood disorders, insomnia, weight gain, autoimmunity, allergies and more concerning, an increased risk of cancer.

Cleaning up your environment is essential if you want healthy, balanced hormones. Everyday we are being exposed to hundreds if not thousands of chemicals.Cleaning is one of the worst ways to introduce indoor air pollutants into our home and can mean breathing in chemicals which can build up in the body over time. 

The thought of removing all these chemicals can feel overwhelming, but by removing just one product and replacing with a natural alternative is the simplest place to start. Breast Cancer UK suggest making simple swaps of everyday products to detoxify your environment, such as changing your shampoo, conditioners, cosmetics and cleaning products. Chemtrust suggest buying fewer cleaning products which will limit your exposure to harmful chemicals and reduce the range of chemicals your body is exposed to. Top Cleaners suggest looking for cleaners that are “plant-based”, “solvent-free”,“no solvents”, “no phosphates” or “no petroleum-based ingredients.”

Opting for green cleaning products like MadeKind are free from toxic chemicals and are made using natural fragrances. Opting for natural cleaning products means using the power of plant-based ingredients, essential oils and biodegradable components as opposed to the chemical laden alternatives. MadeKind natural cleaners aren't just toxic-free, but they are super effective and leave your home smelling naturally fresh and clean. Our toiletries are made using the highest quality natural ingredients, are paragon and SLS free. They leave your skin and hair feeling cleansed and healthy with no nasty residue. 

Try switching one product in your home and start seeing and feeling the benefits of using natural products, and reduce the risk of disrupting hormonal balance.


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