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Celebrating International Women's Day

International Women's Day celebrates the achievement of women who have fought for change while also highlighting the gender gap and lack of equality women still face.

This years them for IWD is “Inspire Inclusion” but with the shocking statistic that 8 out of 10 young people can't name a single female entrepreneur it feels like an uphill battle to remind the world that not all entrepreneurs where suits.

latest figures suggesting that just 2p in every £1 invested in early-stage UK businesses goes to female founders there is clearly some way to go to close the gender gap.

There is huge importance of funding for early-stage businesses but the fund raising statistics for female founders falls short. Some reasons behind this are a shortage of female investors, fewer networks and a lack of confidence being some of the hurdles. Also, investors invest in people like themselves, and in markets they understand.

One glimmer of hope for female founders is that female venture capitalists are twice as likely to support female-led start ups than male venture capitalists. But with far fewer female investors the odds aren’t great.

So what can we all do to support female founded businesses?

According to the world economic forum, last year women controlled or influenced 85 per cent on consumer spending. Everyone has the power to buy from female-founded businesses and be more curious about the stories behind the brands and the businesses. Whether we’re talking food, clothes or beauty products, you might not even be aware of some of the women-owned businesses you are supporting. Why not make a conscious decision to support a female-owned business instead?

When female entrepreneurs succeed, they create job opportunities, boost the economy and set excellent examples for future generations of women.

So, let’s all play our part to close the gender gap and support women-led businesses and start to make a difference.

This years International Women's Day theme encourages people to challenge when women aren’t included in the wider conversation, whether it’s in the workplace, decision making or in the general public. Let's redefine entrepreneurship and showcase the diverse talents of women everywhere.

We believe in leading by example and encouraging the next generation of female entrepreneurs to achieve the equality all women deserve.

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