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Creating a sustainable business to help with the Climate Crisis

As the climate crisis becomes ever more evident, it’s essential we take all means necessary to protect the environment and prevent any further pollution. We are gradually facing up to the amount of plastic packaging that we use and supposedly recycle, but a lot of which still ends up in the ocean. We created MadeKind to tackle these problems head on, and to put the planet first. 

As our business is built on being sustainable, we make it easier for you to make changes at home which will have beneficial affects on you, your family and the environment. 

Here are a few things we do;

Ingredients that do good, not harm

All of our products are natural 100% biodegradable and won’t harm the aquatic life when they get flushed down the sink. As they don’t contain any nasties (including Parabens, SLS, Petrochemicals and more) you can feel safe in the knowledge that they are safe to use around your children and pets. 

Reuse, Refill, Repeat

Less than 10% of household plastic waste gets recycled in the UK. Even when a plastic bottle says it is 100& recyclable, it doesn’t mean it is going to get recycled. The system just can’t cope , and most of the waste is being sent to land fill, incinerated or exported. It was our horror at the amount of plastic waste we created as a family that led us to create MadeKind, giving customers the choice to switch to refills.  All our ‘Keep forever’ bottles are non plastic, either amber glass or aluminium that can be refilled with our 1L pouches or 3L ‘bag in box’. All the pouches and inners can be sent back to us Freeport to be recycled with our recycling partners. 

Choose natural kitchen accessories

Forget about micro fibre cloths and scourers. With a huge choice in natural kitchen accessories there’s no need to buy plastic. From copper scourers that are non scratch, Anita bacterial coconut pot brushes, to Danish knitted dish cloths we’ve got you covered. 

Giving back to charity

One of the reasons we wanted to build a green business was to give something back, make a change and offer planet friendly alternatives to toxic, chemical household products. We contribute to Surfers Against Sewage and the incredible campaign they have led to stop sewage entering our waters, to clean up our rivers from toxic waste and to rid our oceans of plastic. 

The climate crisis can feel overwhelming, or that it’s someone else problem. But with small acts we can make a difference. The famous quote is that we do not inherit the planet from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children. We should treat the planet with care and respect for a brighter more sustainable future. 

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