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Sustainable Gifting - Why it matters

Shopping for friends and loved ones is one of the best parts of the Christmas season, but as our understanding of environmental and social impacts deepens, the way we buy gifts is changing. Christmas can be a time of joy and happiness but sadly, it can also result in incredible waste and damage to the environment. However, there are always ways to counter this and buy more sustainable gifts for your loved ones. Planning eco-friendly gifts is a great way to get something unique and also be kinder to the environment.

Here are a few reasons we believe Sustainable Gifting matters;


1. Shop local

Obviously, there is an environmental impact if you buy items that are imported from abroad and there are a lot of local small businesses who would really feel the benefit of each sale. Also, many of the items you find locally will have the added benefit of being hand made, which adds a special touch. If you can, visit a local Christmas market as they will showcase local talented makers and artisans, and you will come away with unique gifts that you wouldn't be able to find in large high street retailers. 

2. Reduce waste

Gifts can often involve products wrapped in excessive packaging, leading to lots of waste. Sustainable gifting encourages eco-friendly choices, such as recyclable packaging, practical gifts and products made locally with a lower carbon footprint. Purposeful gifts that people use in their daily lives, don't get put away in a cupboard, but provide year-round value. These gifts show that you've really thought about the recipient and considered something with long lasting benefits, reducing the need for constant consumption. 

3. Raise awareness

By choosing sustainable gifting, you can raise awareness about environmental issues and inspire others to do the same and make more conscious gift-giving decisions. The cumulative effect of sustainable gifting, can significantly reduce our collective environmental impact and drive positive change in the world. 

By choosing gifts that are kinder to the planet and kind to people, we can create a more sustainable and thoughtful gift giving culture. Buying purposeful gifts make life more efficient, enjoyable and sustainable, ensuring that your presents will continue to bring joy long after Christmas has ended. 

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