The Dirty Truth about Plastic Sponges and Brushes

Dish brushes and sponges might seem like a convenience product, something to be used and discarded once it's worn out. but each item produces plastic waste, and are made out of petroleum-derived polyurethane. Even the production process of these plastic brushes and sponges takes a toll on the environment.

The little yellow plastic sponges which most of us have lurking under the kitchen cupboard sink are made out of plastic, which releases small microscopic particles of plastic (micro-plastics). These particles, which are released into water any time you wash your dishes with plastic kitchen sponges, are too small to be filtered out at wastewater treatment plants. Therefore, they make their way into the water cycle, ending up in our rivers, the ocean and even drinking water.

Plastic kitchen brushes, also succumb to wear and tear and are quickly disposed of, adding to the plastic waste that ends up in land fill. But there are natural, eco-friendly alternatives to these plastic cleaning tools. If we all made a small switch to eco-cleaning products then it will have a much bigger impact on the environment. 

At MadeKind, we have a range of sustainable, natural cleaning scrubbing brushes and scourers which are a great alternative to plastic, and can decrease your environmental impact drastically. They are 100% biodegradable, which means they can be returned to earth with no negative impact on the environment. 

They are also an attractive addition to your kitchen and look great combined with our stylish bottles of natural cleaners, and in even better in our practical cleaning caddy. 

Here are a few of our favourite sustainable accessories for a non-toxic kitchen;

Natural Coconut Scourer - Coconut coir has antibacterial properties, being 100% natural, the brush is non toxic and completely biodegradable.

Wooden Pot Brush - The densely packed bristles and rounded shape are perfect for reaching the edges of any size pot or pan.

Wooden Vegetable Brush - Stylish, and practical wooden vegetable brush made from untreated beechwood, tampico fibre and union fibre.  The brush has two different types of bristles; one end with stiff bristles which are perfect for muddy tough vegetables and the other end has soft bristles for more delicate vegetables.

Copper Scourer - A set of two, non abrasive copper scourers which easily clean delicate surfaces, pots, pans, sinks, ovens, and more. The fine copper threads are tough on dirt but won't scratch, thanks to the soft, non-abrasive nature of copper.

Organic Cotton Dish Cloths - Set of 2 knitted dishcloths made from 100% Organic Cotton. These high quality dishcloths are durable and can be machine washed. They come in lovely, coordinated colours and make a stylish addition to any kitchen. 





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