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Why use eco-friendly dog shampoo?

We want our homes free of chemical cleaners, so why would we wash our pets with them? At MadeKind we believe that what’s good for humans should be good for animals, which is why we’ve created our range of natural dog grooming products. Here are three reasons why using eco-friendly dog shampoo is good for our pets and our planet.

Avoid harmful chemicals

Like humans, your dog’s skin is its largest organ, and anything you put on it can be absorbed into its body. But unlike human cosmetics, UK pet care products don’t have to include every ingredient on the bottle. If they do, the list of long, alien words printed in tiny writing means most of us need a chemistry degree and a magnifying glass to work out what we’re putting on – and in – our pet.

Using a trusted, environmentally-friendly brand like MadeKind means you can be sure that only mild, natural ingredients will be cleaning your dog’s fur without damaging their skin. Both our dog shampoo and conditioning spray contain no harmful chemical ingredients like parabens and sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), which are known to irritate dogs’ skin and eyes and can even cause cancer.

Kind, natural ingredients

As much as we love our dogs, we don’t always love their doggy smell. Instead of synthetic fragrances, eco-friendly dog grooming products use natural deodorising ingredients and essential oils. These can include lavender oil which removes bacteria from the surface of your pet’s fur and keeps their coat looking shiny and smelling good.

After a long walk, we want a dog shampoo that washes mud and sand off our pets, but we don’t have to use harsh chemicals to do the job. Natural ingredients like oatmeal contain healing and pH-balancing properties that clean our pets while relieving naturally dry skin or allergies. This means less itchiness and scratching, and a beautiful-looking coat.

If your dog’s fur gets matted easily and needs a good brush now and then, try using a conditioning spray with natural ingredients that are kind to your dog’s skin. MadeKind use only natural ingredients like aloe vera to to soften fur and soothe skin irritations, with added vitamin B5 to nourish and shine your pet’s coat.

Planet-friendly packaging

Environmentally-friendly dog shampoo isn’t only good for your pet, it’s kind to our planet too. Natural, biodegradable ingredients mean you won’t be washing chemicals down the sink and into our waterways, where it can harm wildlife and other natural resources. 

And it’s not just what’s inside the bottle that matters, but how the bottle is made. Most eco-friendly dog shampoos use recyclable or refillable bottles that are manufactured using sustainable practices. Both MadeKind dog shampoo and conditioning spray come in beautiful aluminium bottles, and our shampoo can be bought in 1 litre and 3 litre refill packs 

Naturally-derived ingredients mean eco-friendly dog shampoo will keep your dog looking and smelling beautiful. While sustainable packaging means pampering your pet is kind to the planet as well as their health. 

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