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Why we believe MadeKind have created the 'best natural cleaning products'

When Caroline and I started our journey to create a range of natural cleaning products we had a few 'non negotiables' for our formulas; they had to be natural, plant based, biodegradable, not harm the environment at all AND work brilliantly. This was a tall order and the process was long! The cleaning products were subjected to the scrutiny of stability testing and they failed several times before we achieved the formulas we proudly sell today.

Not only can we boast that our cleaning products are NATURAL, PLANT BASED, BIODEGRADABLE and KIND TO THE PLANET, they are INCREDIBLE AT CLEANING. The formulas include Lavender, Rosemary and Peppermint essential oils which are naturally antimicrobial and smell wonderful. Additionally they are contained in stylish amber glass bottles which can be refilled so there is no waste and the refills are economical and purse friendly.

MadeKind is a female founded company using small specialist UK based manufacturers to make our bespoke cleaners. LIVE  LIFE  NATURALLY

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